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A House Fire January 15, 2011

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As many of you know, the historical home that has been part of my family for several generations burnt to the ground in July of 2010. Thankfully no one was hurt.

But the material possessions were for the most part a total loss. Here’s what was saved –

1. The recliner – which was broken after being thrown out the front door.
2. The glass topped wooden table – whose fate was that of the recliner.
3. The couch – which received minor damages thanks to the cushion of the recliner and glass topped table.
4. A basket full of unironed clothing – which had been in the ironing basket untouched for over a year.
5. A sign – that read “Laundry room, drop your pants here”.
6. A coat rack – full of winter coats.
7. An armoire – that consisted of all the boy’s play shoes… Their good shoes were scattered throughout the house.
8. A Pottery Barn chest – which held the blankets that were not cute enough to be left in plain sight.
9. A Pottery Barn rug – now my most treasured item recovered.

All of the items that were saved were near the exit doors of the house. And while I was disappointed by what we lost and dumbfounded by what we had left, I was truly grateful that we at least had a few things. Broken or not. We were able to make it work. And when winter came around, I was thankful for the few coats that were saved.

While this was a devastating loss for me and my family, the emptiness was filled by the overwhelming comfort and support from the people in our small town. And thanks to the people of this small town, all of our basic, immediate necessities were met in less than 24 hours after the fire. Friends and strangers alike blessed us beyond measure, making our loss a bit more bearable.

While the home itself was irreplaceable, we settled on a similar historic home plan to fill the farm’s empty home site location. With cleanup done and the pad prepared, we began getting bids from local contractors.

And that’s when we received news of a new piece of property that was going to be coming up for sale shortly. But this wasn’t just any piece of property. This was the property that had been in my husband’s family for decades. And it had a home on it. Now, we had a dilemma.


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