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A House Fire (Part 2) January 16, 2011

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Initially when I heard the news about the ranch house and acreage coming up for sale, I thought it was just that. News. And only news. Nothing more.

Then I saw it.

A little sparkle. A hint of ‘what if…’ in my cowboy’s eyes.

I knew that the town was creeping up on our little farm, and that we had little room for growth. But I LOVE our farm. It’s my absolute, most favorite place to be. Plus we have to be here to milk twice a day, every day. We couldn’t move. After all, our current farm was in an ideal location – country living that was mere minutes from the kid’s school, the grocery store, family and friends. And while I didn’t have many neighbors close by, I did have one neighbor that was close enough to conveniently lend me the occasional parmesan cheese for my crab dip.

Still, I decided to go have a look. I’ve been to certain parcels of the ranch land on a regular basis to help feed the cows, but it had been at least 10 years since I’d seen the house. That being my second time to see it. The only thing I remembered was the kitchen floor. It was the coolest floor I’d ever seen. It was made from native stone and it was beautiful. If that floor was still there, I may just agree to buy it on the spot.

But my husband… he has vivid, wonderful memories of growing up around the ranch house. And I could tell he wanted those memories to become memories for his boys as well.

All along the way, I was trying to figure out how we could possibly maintain a farm AND a ranch in two different towns. We already had more work than we had time to do on our current farm.

And then…

I saw this.

And then he took me for a walk and showed me this.

And I looked over and saw this.

Followed by this.

It was then that I realized what my husband was trying to tell me.

And while the old ranch house needed a little sprucing up, I was pleasantly surprised to see that it had central heat and air, a fireplace and a dishwasher. Three luxuries that I dearly missed. Plus – it was to be sold fully furnished.



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