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My Mini Calf February 1, 2011

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Our farm is home to lots of animals. Both wild and domesticated. And when there are so many living creatures in one place, there is bound to be a few surprises. Sometimes they are good. And sometimes they are not so good.

Today we found a pleasant surprise. I asked my 7 yr old to snap a quick picture so I could share it with you.

A miniature calf! We suspect she is a premature calf, but what makes her so special is the mere fact that she is alive! And she appears to be healthy! Only time will tell exactly how healthy she is and she will likely need special care and attention for a while.

During the winter, we have to check the young babies often to make sure they are able to keep warm. Throughout my years on the farm, I’ve brought many babies into my kitchen so they could warm by the wood fire during extremely cold weather. We’ve since installed a heater in our dairy barn specifically for that reason. And that’s exactly where we decided to put our newest addition to the farm family. We put out blankets and rigged up a little play pen for her so she won’t get into trouble. And while she sleeps most of the day away, once she’s awake, she’s full of life and vigor! And even more surprising is that she drinks just as much milk as the full term calves. What a cutie!


One Response to “My Mini Calf”

  1. Cindy Haley Says:

    She is so cute! I bet the boys love her!

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