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Stuck in the Muck February 5, 2011

Filed under: Country Life,Dairy Farming,Uncategorized — Piper Long @ 4:27 pm

Dairy cows need a lot of water to maintain such a high volume of milk production. It’s the first thing they go to after each milking to replenish their supply. They drink it, they bathe in it, they backstroke in it, (not really) and sometimes, they get stuck in it…. especially during a drought when the pond begins to dry up.

This is a prime example of a cow getting stuck in a dry pond. Only this isn’t a cow in milk, it’s a heifer. And she’s in unfamiliar territory because she got out of her pasture and happened into the milking cows’ pasture. Unfortunately for her, all of the milk cows were up at the dairy barn and nobody told her that the ground she was walking on was actually a dried up pond bed… well, almost all dry. All but this part. And boy did she sink.

If she were stuck there for very long, she would likely wear herself to exhaustion trying to free her submerged limbs and subsequently be down for some time. Luckily, she was spotted before fatigue set in. But being spotted and being rescued are two different matters. This job was going to require some heavy-duty horse power, a ready and able operator and a good hip lifter. Once the necessary supplies were in place, it took no time to free this young heifer. Had it been a larger cow, it may have been a more tedious operation.

Like with this cow. But this cow got stuck because she was still recovering from a bout of weakness only a few days before. And she had just recently been transferred to the north wing. Pasture that is. And while there is typically a warm and friendly welcoming committee in the north wing, her welcome was cut short by feeding time and she was not given the royal tour where she would learn the proper access area of the north wing pond.

A good soaking rain would be really nice.


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