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Getting The Cows Up To Milk February 7, 2011

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Happy cows are not just in California…. or Wisconsin…. or Kansas…

They’re in Oklahoma too.

Well, maybe this cow isn’t too enthused about the long walk to the barn to be milked, but it must be done. Twice a day. Every day. Dairy farming is a labor intensive occupation to say the least. And typically it ends up being an all day fiasco. Someone is almost always getting ready to calve. And if it’s a heifer, it means they need to be closely monitored should they need a birthing coach. And then you’ve always got one or two that like to make things interesting by switching pens. Which brings me to the next consistent task of repairing fence. And in dairy farming, fencing and cross fencing is crucial. The cows must be sorted by size, lest the bigger ones scarf up all the feed before the little ones get their fill. They also have to be sorted into milking pens and dry pens. The dry pen is basically a maternity ward that typically consists of cows that need a break from milking before they calve again and get back to milking. Regardless of which pen they are in, all of the cows on the farm must have lots and lots of feed and water. And a little grass. Oh, and hay. And they like to be cool. So we usually unload the hay in a nice shady spot. Like this.

So while these cows are just now getting up to the lot to wait their turn to be milked…

these cows are patiently waiting for me to let them out.

so they can get back to grazing.


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