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The All New Chicken Diet February 8, 2011

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I love how enthusiastic my chickens are about each day. Every day they come bolting out the chicken house door and race to their favorite feeding spots. Some head to the pasture to pick the corn from the cow patties, some head to the lot to dig for bugs, others go to the pig pen and the dairy barn for leftover grain while a few stick around to see what tasty morsels I’ll have to throw out near the chicken house.

Last night I made an apple crisp. I saved all the skins and cores to feed to the hens. I love having an animal to feed discarded scraps, it makes me feel thrifty. And when I forget about that cornbread I made for dinner a few nights ago, I don’t feel so bad, because I know it will not be a complete waste when I feed it to the chickens! And during the winter, when there are no tasty bugs to chase and the worms have went deep into the soil, the chickens will eat almost anything. Including… mice?

On a farm, everyone has a purpose. The farmer is the CEO and the janitor and everything in between all at once.

The dog is head of security, keeping the coyotes at bay.

The cows, pigs and chickens are in the production division. The horse is in charge of transportation. And the cats are in charge of pest control. And while the cats do a good job keeping the pest population in check, we still like to keep a few mouse traps out just to be sure we keep the pest population under control at all times. On this particular day, we caught a mouse in a trap and threw it out for the cats to inspect. Only, this time a hen ran by and snatched it up!

I didn’t see whether the hen ate it or not, but it was gone. And that’s all that matters. Job well done. Now get back to work!


One Response to “The All New Chicken Diet”

  1. Zoey Horner Says:

    Last picture – sooooo cute!

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