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Honey – The Great Pyrenees February 10, 2011

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Meet Honey.

Honey is my Great Pyrenees and she is the most wonderful, useful dog on the farm. I bought her with my first herd of Merino sheep while I was in college 12 years ago. I intended to become a sheep farmer and open my own store filled with beautifully handcrafted Merino wool items. Only problem was, I didn’t know how to knit.

I didn’t know how to spin wool into yarn either.

And I didn’t know how to shear a sheep.

But did that stop me from driving nearly 850 miles to buy a small herd of Merino sheep?

No. I was 20.

Turns out, Merino sheep are quite challenging to shear. And it became increasingly more difficult to find someone willing and able to shear them. So I ultimately sold my small herd, but I kept Honey.

I chose Honey from the litter of 7 pups because she was the only pup that NEVER took her patient eyes off of me. When I got her home, I stationed her in a pen right next to my prized Merino sheep until I had the pens in the pasture ready to hold sheep. (No, I hadn’t thought of that before I bought them. That would have required forethought. Which I didn’t do at 20.)

Once I let Honey go in the field with the herd, she took right to her duty of protecting the sheep and subsequently the cows. In no time, the coyotes learned that she would be on duty all night, every night and it seems we have fewer and fewer coyotes. Every time a cow is calving or is in need, Honey is right by her side. If we see Honey sleeping in the pasture each morning, we know that all the cows are likely doing just fine. It’s when we don’t see Honey that we begin searching for the cow in need and we know that we will find Honey standing by to protect her until we arrive.


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