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Boomet The Bottle Calf February 11, 2011

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We’ve received record amounts of snow this month, and no matter how difficult it makes my job, I’ll take snow over ice any day. Snow is not only easier on the cows but it makes caring for them a bit more bearable than ice and snow combined. I am truly grateful for the moisture this big snow will bring. It will make the soil workable for my new garden bed and hopefully, it will add some water to our low pond levels.

But until the snow melts, I’m stuck working my way through the deep snow drifts to care for the animals.

The calves stay surprisingly warm in their calf-tel huts despite the snow drifts. I line them up so I can access each pen easily. It also makes it easier to keep track of whose next in the food line. And most of the calves are fine with this arrangement. Most everyone except Miss Boomet.

Miss Boomet doesn’t like to wait in line. She likes to be first at every feeding and she takes it upon herself to make sure she is. She earned her name because every time I arrive with the warm bottles of milk, Boomet drags her pen, hut and all over to me so she can get her bottle first.

And then every day, twice a day, I exercise my acorn sized biceps and move her hut back in line because it is usually right smack dab in the middle of the walking lane. But the last time she came to meet me, she came around the back side of the huts and stopped right here.

As I began tugging on the hut in an attempt to move it back in place for the gazillionth time, I realized it was a tad bit difficult for my tremendous upper body strength to budge. That’s when I realized that this was the perfect place for Boomet. Right by this blessed iron post that is embedded in a patch of concrete under the ground.


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