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Starting A Garden February 17, 2011

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This is my garden. Doesn’t it look great? It’s all plowed up and ready for the planting season which kicks off every year on Valentines Day with potatoes and onions.

It’s the perfect location for a garden. It’s on a level surface, in full sun with access to a water hydrant.

Ok, I lied.

That’s not my garden. That’s Glen’s garden. Glen lives down the road from my farm and I drive past his perfectly perfect garden five days a week. Not because I like to remind myself of my gardening imperfections, but because it is on the way to my kid’s school. Glen’s garden is always beautiful. I’ve never seen so much as a blade of grass in his garden. Ever. I think when a weed erupts in Glen’s garden and notices that there are no other weeds, it immediately retreats and resurrects in my garden where it will likely have a better chance of survival. I believe this because I rarely see Glen working in his garden. He’s usually just sitting on a chair at the far edge, watching it grow.

This is my garden.

It’s still covered in snow. And beneath all that snow is a thick patch of dormant blue stem. Once the snow melts, I anticipate a period of about one or two weeks of muddy, unworkable soil conditions. That puts my potato and onion plantings a good two to three weeks behind Glen’s.

But I’ve got faith in this new gardening spot. I hope to sweet talk my husband into driving the White tractor from the farm out to the ranch to disc up the new garden bed. The disc cuts deep into the soil to make it easier for the tiller to do it’s thing. I’ll remove as many blue stem roots as possible. Then I’ll bring out the buckets and buckets of chicken manure I’ve been storing and empty them right onto the prepared bed. I’ll work the soil once more and begin planting. First potatoes and onions. Then lettuce, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, radishes, peas and spinach. Followed by zinnias, marigolds, tomatoes, beets, green beans, kohlrabi, squash, okra, cucumbers, beans, gourds, corn, peppers and sunflowers.

Or maybe I should just get a chair and watch Glen’s garden grow.


One Response to “Starting A Garden”

  1. pobept Says:

    Grinning.. I have been walking behind a tiller and raking weeds and grass for two days. Maybe two more days and my new garden plot will be be use-able, better be thats all I’m doing this year before I start planting!

    P.S. I hate the Glen’s of this world! Smilling

    Happy Spring Gardening

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