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Ordering seeds online February 28, 2011

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Each year, I get an abundance of seed catalogs in the mail. A few of which have hefty discounts and coupons plastered on the cover. They have beautiful pictures of each plant at maturity and I’m very tempted to buy everything in the catalog.

This is why I no longer get clothing catalogs.

So I try to get all of my seeds at the local seed store, but I’m not always able to get the varieties I want. So sometimes, I will place an order online. This year, I ordered two items.

1. Baby Leaf Hybrid Spinach.
2. Large Bottle Gourds.

Random, I know. But I tend to lean towards randomness. It’s my only downfall.

So I chose the baby spinach because I’m sick and tired of forking over nearly $4 per bag of baby spinach every time I want to make a fresh spinach salad. Which truly is only two or three times per year, but I plan on cramming those two or three occasions into the short spinach growing season and resolving never to buy bagged spinach again. Ever.

Unless I change my mind.

Which is highly possible.

So before I placed my order, I called up the local seed store and asked if they had any baby spinach seeds.

“What’s baby spinach seed?” he asked.

“It’s a variety of spinach,” I replied, “It’s like spinach, but the leaves are petite. It’s good, haven’t you ever seen it in the grocery store?”

(That’s about the time my husband moseyed through the room and snickered.)

“Never heard of it. People round here only grow one kind of spinach and that’s all we got,” he said.

Then I remember the time I asked for birdhouse gourds and the seed store gave me a nice, big scoop of seeds. Told me they grow real good round these parts. So I took them home and stuck them in the dirt.

And boy were they ever hardy. So hardy in fact that my garden, which is about the size of a two car garage, was completely covered in gourds. Mixed gourds. Not that there is anything wrong with mixed gourds. They are small and colorful and cute. Unless of course there are like 5,124,003 of them.

Then they aren’t so cute.

So this year, I ordered Orn Large Bottle gourds, AKA birdhouse gourds, and baby spinach. And I’ll support my local seed store by purchasing the remaining seeds from them.

If you have more self-control than me and would like that $25.00 coupon, just leave me a comment or send me an email and I’ll send it to you.


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