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A Good Nurse Cow March 6, 2011

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I love a good nurse cow because they actually make my life easier. At least the dairy farming part of my life. They will take any ‘ol baby and let ‘er drink till her heart’s content. Or till she’s sick ‘n tired of it. In which case she’ll lay down.

Like this momma.

Not all cows are willing to be nurse cows. Some cows aren’t even willing to nurse their own babies, let alone someone else’s.

Nurse cows are gentle, nurturing mothers.

Typically on the dairy farm, when a cow has a high cell count that reduces the quality of her milk by government standards, she will be culled, or sold. If she is a good, bred cow that is still young and/or may recover soon from an injury or illness, we typically offer her a couple of bottle calves to feed.

I typically have a talk with her explaining the way things work. I promise to sneak in extra feed if she promises to take on my chore of feeding at least two bottle calves, twice a day, every day. If she accepts my bribe and takes the calves as her own, she gets to stay on the farm and be a nurse cow and live happily ever after. The end.

I love happy endings.

Barefoot Indian


2 Responses to “A Good Nurse Cow”

  1. Cindy Haley Says:

    Seriously, there are not many things cuter than a baby cow. How’s that teeny tiny calf doing?

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