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Planting My Spring Garden March 12, 2011

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My potatoes and onions are officially in the ground! It’s a good thing too because my legs are so sore, I may be bed ridden for the next couple of months.

Just Kidding.

I think.

I’ll let you know tomorrow.

Let me just say first and foremost, that I could not have done this without my stellar children.

And they couldn’t have helped work the soil without this stellar tiller. It is hands down THE best tiller I’ve ever had. Every other tiller I’ve owned would jerk the snot out of me. Not this one. It works so smooth, I trust my little man with it. (Don’t worry, I just stepped back to take a quick picture.) We bought it at an end of season sale when our old jerker quit.

This year I planted…

5# Pontiac Red Potatoes
What big eyes you have!

5# Yukon Gold Potatoes
Love the creaminess of this variety.

6 bundles 10-15 Onions
My favorite variety. I chose the onion plants over bulbs simply because they have a better survival rate considering my volunteers are still a bit young.

3 bundles red onions
I don’t know exact variety, but it was the only option. Sometimes that’s a good thing.
I like to plant my onions close together to take up less space in my garden. That way I can just loosen the dirt between the rows with a hoe instead of the tiller.

1 package Baby Spinach
I’m so excited to see how this variety performs.

1 package beets
These are a colorful addition to my booth at the market. I’ll plant another package in a few weeks. Hard to believe a bright, colorful beet comes from this tiny seed.

1 package Butterhead Lettuce
I usually only plant mesclun lettuce, but I couldn’t make it to the seed store and had to make due with the hardware store’s limited selection. Didn’t think I could go wrong with a “butter” lettuce.

1 package Cherry Belle Radishes
These will be ready before the market starts, but I plan to plant a mid-season variety in with my carrots soon.

I still have more to add, but this is a good start for me. I will be participating in the Osage Hills Farmer’s Market this year, so I’m planting a bit more than my family needs. My biggest seller at the market is corn followed by zinnias – two of my favorite plants to grow. I don’t plant either for a couple more weeks.


3 Responses to “Planting My Spring Garden”

  1. Peg Theobald Says:

    Just happened upon your blog. What a sweet post. I can’t wait to someday plant a garden with my children 🙂

  2. Ike Says:

    Stumbled on your site through Yahoo. You know I am subscribing to your rss.

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