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Kitties in my planter March 16, 2011

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When I moved into the apartment above the dairy barn, I decided to add a few planters to the edge of the balcony. I researched and shopped around for the ideal plants, careful to chose the right ones.

I looked into cascading plants, tall plants, different textures and colorful annuals before deciding what variety I liked best. I further narrowed my selection based on drought tolerance as I realize that realistically, I’m not very consistent at watering my container plantings.

Ultimately, I settled on the plants that would be most comfortable growing in the confinement of the shallow planter.

I’d envisioned beautiful, abundant cascading flowers dangling off the side of the balcony, full of life and vigor. It would make my dairy barn apartment feel welcoming. Like home.

A bit like this picture from

What I didn’t consider is how comfortable the planters are for my kitties.

Apparently, these planters are ideal for watching the sunrise.

And napping.

And lounging.

And the best part of all….
They are perfectly situated just out of the dog’s reach, making it all the more appealing.

While the kitties are not what I had planned for the planters, they ended up fitting the part of life and vigor to a tee. Maybe not so much cascading. And come to think of it, not always vigor. But welcoming all the same.


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