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There’s a Snake in my Pond! March 17, 2011

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At least it’s not in my boot.

So before I tell you that part of the story, I first must tell you this part.

Today we went to the ranch without sunscreen. And up until today, it hasn’t been a problem. And it probably wouldn’t have been a problem had we not decided to spend the first 80 degree day in the sun, swimming in the creek and fishing in the pond, without sunscreen.

My little dark complected, dark-haired boy was unphased by the amount of sun exposure. Fishing topless without a care in the world.

My oldest and somewhat medium complected child got a touch of red, but notice he kept his shirt on.

My little fair complected, tow-headed child got the worst of it.

Let me just say that starting now and for the next 6 months, I will be packing my truck, purse and pockets with sunscreen.

And bug spray.

And lots of snake repellent.

You see, instead of reeling in any fish, we reeled in a snake.

For a moment, I was whiter than my youngest born.

Then I proceeded to grab up each and every one of my multi-tonal offspring and run for the farm.

After I bravely took this mug shot of the snake of course.

If you see him, please take him to the nearest containment center. Preferably one far, far, far away from my pond. Somewhere outside my zip code. Completely out of the county and if at all possible, out of the state.


8 Responses to “There’s a Snake in my Pond!”

  1. I am with you girl. I am the farthest thing from manly when snakes are around. Where was that husband of yours to protect you from that rattleheaded copper moccasin!

  2. Cindy Haley Says:

    Piper, if it makes you feel any better (I know it won’t) that is a diamondback watersnake…harmless. They’re often confused with cottonmouths because of their pattern, but in the picture you can see his round pupils.

  3. kim Says:

    We had a black water snake in our frog pond last summer. My big strong hubby refused to go in our front yard for months. Poisoness or not…they aren’t my favorite.

  4. Pattie Park Says:

    Piper, all I can tell you is that I have a 20 gauge that takes care of all the snakes that wander around here. It’s either take them out or end up hurting myself trying to get away from them. If you hear a loud noise you’ll know that the snakes are on the move.

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