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Things under my kids’ beds March 22, 2011

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Somehow, in this tiny temporary apartment that we’re living in, my family still manages to lose things.

At the moment, we are missing the following:

1. A toy pistol
The panic-stricken, empty-holstered cowboy has been searching for it every chance he gets for the past 3 days.
2. An eyeliner sharpener
Just placed on the list this morning.
3. A set of shinguards
Which will be needed in 3 days.
4. A library book.
Long overdue.

With a few hours to spare, I decided to do some deep searching. Which usually involves looking under my children’s beds and dressers.

I started with the beds.

This is what I discovered.

As I snapped this shot, I realized that I could have been the creator of the popular “I Spy” books had I cleaned under my children’s bed sooner.

Can you find…
1. An empty silly putty key chain
2. A broken sheriff’s badge
3. 2 stale marshmallows
4. A whistle
5. A plastic knife
6. A penny
7. A bendy pencil
8. A skateboard
9. A piece of wadded up paper
10. An action figure
11. A toy bullet
12. 2 pieces of popcorn
13. 3 rubber bands

Then I moved on to the dresser.

That’s when I realized I could have come up with the popular credit card commercial explaining the priceless things in life.

1. 3 toy balls $1.50
2. A toy car $1.00
3. Toy bullets $.50
4. The missing toy rifle that will bring a smile to the face of the cowboy with the empty holster… priceless.

Finally, I searched under my middle child’s bed.

1. A fake snake
Fake is good.
2. Toy bullets
No surprises here.
3. Earplugs
4. A ping-pong ball
We don’t even own a ping-pong table.
5. One shin guard
Better than none!
6. A toy boat

I think I know where I’ll hide their Christmas presents.


4 Responses to “Things under my kids’ beds”

  1. kim Says:

    A. I love your floors.
    B. the ping pong thing made me LOL
    C. did you find your eye liner?

  2. Cindy Haley Says:

    Glad someone else has toy bullets strewn all over their house. The I Spy game…that was hilarious. Oh, and now is your chance to THROW AWAY THAT WHISTLE!

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