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The stop sign March 25, 2011

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The stop sign at the end of my drive has been run over once again.

This time by a double-decker semi full of beefy, four-legged, polled bovines.

This has only happened like a bajillion times in the past 10 years, mostly because of large tractors, combines and semis. And occasionally, a certain female driver.

I won’t name any names.

We’ve tied the fallen sign to the corner post of the nearby pasture on numerous occasions. Which is ideal because it is completely out of the way.

But the county continues to slap it right back into its most vulnerable location. I think they have a full-time employee to maintain this stop sign which directs the traffic for all of two residents residing at the end of the lane.

Unless you count the many animals residing on the farm. In which case, the population would be in the hundreds. And as of today has just increased by 38 as we welcomed a new herd of beef cows.

The cat, nestled in her planter, was dutifully in position to welcome the new cows.

…the new cows that will need to be vaccinated, wormed and branded by the cowboy and a certain female milkmaid/cowgirl/one-time hair model.

I won’t name any names.

But I do know that said milkmaid is accepting applications for volunteers to work said cows in the very near future.


4 Responses to “The stop sign”

  1. Cindy Haley Says:

    I don’t work cows, but I happily herd 4 year old boys at my home. Too bad I only have one…do you know of anyone who’d loan me another from time to time so I can polish my skills?

  2. chefshellina Says:

    My husband and I were rolling reading this post. We just love you. lol

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