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Ranch House Remodel March 27,2011 March 27, 2011

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We are really making some noticeable progress on the ranch house remodel. The granite countertops are in, the tile work is done and the faucets and light fixtures are for the most part up.

With the bathrooms and kitchens nearing completion, I’m starting to get the itch to move.

Which also means I need to start thinking about furniture and decor. So far, I think it’s looking pretty ranchy/western.

Here are a few before and after photos:

This is the hall bathroom vanity before….

And here is the hall bathroom vanity after.

Since we have a lot of native sandstone both on the interior and exterior of this home, we decided to stay within that natural stone color palate.

We chose granite for the countertop in the bathroom. It was just an extra piece that the fabricator had on hand at his shop.

And now that I look at this, I see that I still need to stain the trim at the bottom of the vanity.

I also need to put up a mirror. Can’t decide if I want to put up a framed mirror or an unframed mirror (which I could get at a real good discount).

Here is the hall bathroom shower before….

And here is the hall bathroom shower after.

My husband chose the tile for this shower. I sent him to Lowes with a picture of the granite on the vanity.

I think he did a pretty good job.

This is a private bathroom shower in one of the bedrooms before….

And here is the private bathroom shower after.

I chose the tile for this bathroom. A nifty neutral.

The hardware was supposed to be aged bronze, but it turned out to be brushed nickel in the wrong packaging. My husband told me about the mixup… I forgot to return it… so now I’m stuck with the nickel.

I think it turned out beautiful anyway.

The old living area had a long panel of flourescent lighting on the far wall.

We removed it and added two sconces.

My husband was not all that enthusiastic about the idea of sconces, I think it had something to do with the word sconce. Not exactly manly, I understand, but I am a lady and I need a few lady-like things here and there. Even if it is just a couple of sconces. Believe it or not, he ended up liking them.

We also added recessed lighting to the low ceilings throughout the house.

The old kitchen was in decent condition, but needed a new range.

So we got a new range.

Followed by a new dishwasher, microwave and fridge. Oh, and new cabinetry, granite countertops and tile backsplash.

My husband was in the middle of hooking up the appliances when I took this picture. No light in the kitchen here, because the breaker was off for the appliance installation.

Everything is still pretty dirty, but you get the idea.

My husband also picked out the backsplash tile for the kitchen.

Including the mural behind the stove…

It is a tile mural of a cowboy bargaining for an Indian wife. I’m still not sure how I feel about this.


6 Responses to “Ranch House Remodel March 27,2011”

  1. Kendall Says:

    I love it all! But I especially love the tile mural. That’s hilarious!

  2. Cindy Haley Says:

    Oh, Piper, it’s coming together so beautifully!

    My vote on the bathroom mirror: go framed all of the way! That’s a guest bathroom, right? Don’t forget Hobby Lobby and Michaels…I bet you can find a beautiful mirror during one of their 50% off sales!

    The mural is priceless. I like David’s sense of humor.

  3. kim Says:

    We bought framed mirrors for all of our bathrooms. We found some at Kirkland’s and Lowe’s for pretty cheap. Kirkland’s puts out a coupon occassionally.

    I like the mural too.

  4. Lorri Says:

    Everything looks awesome doesn’t even resemble the ranch house I remember you are makeing it your family home! Everything looks great you are both doing a great job its amazing. If its a vote framed mirror. I had a carpenter build frames and stain them to match the rest of the house now I just have to get the glass people in to take the boys mirrors off there walls and glue them into the nice new frames for their two bathrooms. I also had to lol at the mural…

  5. Cathy Says:

    I am LOVING the remodel! Keep the updates and pictures coming – anxious to see it in person… soon can we tour? lol

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