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Pickin’ up bones April 1, 2011

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Today I started packing my belongings into liquor boxes.

Not because I have an excess of liquor boxes hanging around… these were laying outside of my office in town. Which happens to be next door to a liquor store. Apparently the store got a new shipment of products.

Consequently, the boxes were there.

Free for the taking.

So I took them.

And for the first part of the morning, I packed up the items I knew we wouldn’t need for a while.


The sun came out…. kinda.

I haven’t seen an inkling of the sun in like forever and 3 days. At least that’s what it felt like. Realizing the low quantities of vitamin D in my system, my bones made their way to the outdoors. And that’s when I realized the severity of the mess that has been created around the farm during the forever and 3 days of cloudy raininess.

My yard was littered with random items such as feed sacks, baling twine, bones, 5 gallon buckets, toys, feeding buckets, cows, protein tubs, infinity.

Knowing full well that if the sun comes out and the temperatures warm, my mower will likely break at the sight of my yard… I decided to clean up.

I started with the bones.

Which made me think of Randy Travis.

Which made me sing this song:

I’m pickin’ up bones,
I’m pickin’ up bones.
Doin’ things I’d rather leave alone.
I’m resurrecting memories of a life before this dog,
But for now I’m sittin’ alone pickin’ up bones.

You will likely hear this catchy tune on the radio soon. I hope you think of me. And pray for my sanity.

Because not only am I picking up bones, but I’m working around cow patties.

The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.

Understandably so I might add. The current pasture is overpopulated. But it was ideal for winter. And now that spring is here, the cows will go to great lengths to find the tender grass, which is much more palatable than hay. Therefore, we need to distribute cows to our other pastures that have remained vacant over the winter.

Our only problem is fencing.

We’ve been so busy with the remodel, that we haven’t been able to fix fences on the farm, the ranch or the leased properties. If we don’t get to it quick, the cows will take matters into their own hands.

Like these cows on our farm….

And like our neighbor’s cows did just last night.

They saw my husband’s truck drive by after dark and thought the coast was clear. But what they didn’t anticipate was my tardy arrival.

Three cows and a calf had managed to bust out of the gate just as I was driving by. I was able to get all but the one calf back into the pasture single-handedly. I wish someone could have been there to witness it.


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