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Magnolias April 6, 2011

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Besides the stunningly unique native stone kitchen flooring, the only other thing I remembered about the ranch house when I first saw it umpteen years ago was the pair of majestic Magnolia trees. The well established couple were, at the time, bursting with unfathomable fragrance. It was as if a Scentsy grenade had exploded in the olfactory department.

So upon viewing the home a few months back when we were considering the purchase, I was delighted to find both the flooring and the shade of the Magnolias completely intact.

I had said that if the original kitchen floor had remained untouched, I may well buy the house on the spot.

Sure enough, the floor remained untouched. A bit too untouched.

Here is the floor at the time of purchase.

And here is the floor after a dollop of elbow grease and a heavy dose of high gloss polyurethane.

And the trees?

Well they have recently peppered my yard with their obnoxiously gigantic, uncharacteristically brittle foliage. All of the foliage from one, I might add … save a few die-hard leaves, unwilling to give into the gusty southern breeze.

Worried that his might be a fault of my own, I began eyeing other Magnolias in the area, searching for signs of shedding. I found one in the nearest small town, another in my home town, and a lone immature Magnolia on my own farm to be in a similar predicament. Maybe not as severe, but similar.

Upon closer examination of the ranch house Magnolias, I do notice tender growth on the tip of every little branch, giving me hope that soon, the canopy I’d admired umpteen years ago, will return.


2 Responses to “Magnolias”

  1. Andrea Reed Says:

    L O V E the floors!

  2. Amanda Says:

    The floors are amazing!!!

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