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V April 19, 2011

Filed under: kitties — Piper Long @ 5:26 am

Most of the animals on our farm and ranch that have a name are bestowed that name by one of my boys.

V and Bobcat are no exception.

V is the calico.

Bobcat is the grey tabby cat.

They are both females. Sisters actually. They had a sister named Dirt Runner, but we aren’t sure what happened to her. Their mother was given to us by a friend and at the time, Dirt Runner, V and Bobcat were only a few days old. Once the kittens were weaned, their mother left and somehow found her way back to the friend’s home some 10 miles away. Barefoot and pregnant.

The kittens she left us seemed to adjust well without her. They are cuddly and sweet, but they are also good mousers. Their mother taught them well.

I noticed the sisters looking a bit plump about two weeks ago. Kinda pear-shaped. At first I thought I was just over-feeding them. After all, I keep a continuous supply of dry food out.

Then I realized they were pregnant.

I haven’t even seen a tom around. These things just happen.

Then yesterday, V was huffing around the house and acting real cranky.

That’s kinda how I felt just before labor. And I only had one at a time.

She had 6.


One Response to “V”

  1. kim Says:

    awwww! If I needed another mouth to feed I’d totally take one.

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