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Farmboy Thimblerig April 21, 2011

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While I was doing some chores on the farm, my youngest was left to entertain himself. And this is what he came up with…


Or a version of it.

The object of traditional thimblerig is for the thimblerigger to place an item, typically a ball, under one of three cups. Next, a participant is chosen. The cups are shuffled in an effort to make the game more challenging. The participant then tries to guess which of the three cups the ball is hidden under. If he guess correctly, he wins.

In Farmboy Thimblerig, the item is a plush toy duck, hidden under one of three gently used five gallon buckets. Farm animals are gathered round and a volunteer is chosen.

Hello Daisy.

See the duck?

Now don’t look.

With a sleight of hand, the duck is in place.

Now it’s time for Daisy to take her guess.


One Response to “Farmboy Thimblerig”

  1. Andrea Reed Says:

    Hey Piper! I wanted to show Chris your blog.. he likes it. Great job!

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