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Good Friday April 22, 2011

Filed under: Country Life — Piper Long @ 9:27 am

It’s Good Friday! Time to plant your beans!

I’ve heard this all of my life from my Papa. And year after year, for one reason or another, I don’t get to plant them exactly on Good Friday. It’s always that I coulda, shoulda, woulda, but didn’t.

But I truly think this year I will.

We got a nice rain yesterday. Enough to settle the dust, curl your hair and maybe even sprout your corn. But we could use more to top off the ponds for the hot summer ahead.

They’re calling for more rain today, so I better hurry out there and work up a spot for my beans.

Since I only have seed for green beans, I suppose that is all I will be planting today. They are a very good seller at the farmer’s market.

This year, at the market, I also plan to sell eggs. It will be my first year to sell them.

Speaking of eggs, the boys found a few in the gravel at the farm.

Killdeer eggs.

It’s amazing how camouflaged killdeer eggs are in the gravel.

Despite the many nests I’ve found, I’ve never seen killdeer hatchlings. I suspect they are precocial, but I still figured I would have seen the little stinkers at least once in my lifetime.

It will likely end up being one of those natural occurences that I coulda, shoulda, woulda witnessed, but didn’t.


5 Responses to “Good Friday”

  1. Skuba Says:

    I’ve never seen the eggs of a killdeer, I’ve searched many a time. I have seen the babies before. As soon as they are able they are off and running just like mama when someone approaches. Saw one cross the road in front of me once cute little ball of fluff. (I’m always afraid that when I go looking for eggs that I’ll step on them before I see them and how sad would that be, so I probably never get close enough.)

  2. Cindy Says:

    I”ve often looked for killdeer eggs, to no avail. Now I can be convinced that they don’t just spontaneously exist! Love that they’re arranged like a little clover…pretty cute.

    Hope your family has a wonderful Easter! Miss ya!

  3. Kim Says:

    We get tons of eggs on our road but we’ve never seen babies either! I’m stalking one nest in particular to try to get a glimpse!

  4. snowgood Says:

    What part of the world are you living in? Killdeer are incredibly rare in the UK, I’ve never seen one (but we do get all manner of Plovers, some even look similar.

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