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Blue Cabinet May 4, 2011

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Part of the reason we decided to buy the ranch house and acreage is because the house was fully furnished. Some of the furnishings we will use, some we won’t.

I love old pieces of furniture that can be revamped by embellishing in one way or another.

This little storage cabinet is a prime example.

It looked pretty neat as is… rustic… old… rustic….

Maybe a little too rustic. All my guys seemed to love the blue. So it had to stay. But it needed a little something. The top was completely unfinished and looked pretty cool. But I knew it would not survive another 50 years living in the same house as my boys. I’m not even sure I will. So I decided it definitely needed some polyurethane.

But the guys thought I should paint the top.

So I stained it. Then I polyurethaned it. Because I saw it in a magazine. And it’s easier to paint over stain than it is to stain over paint if I change my mind. I also added some new hardware. And a fresh coat of the original blue color.

Here is the finished product.

Not a real big change… and maybe it still needs a little somethin’… maybe I should sand the edges a bit…. maybe the top should be blue…. maybe I should sand off all the blue and stain it all….

I think I’ll look at it a while longer before I decide.


3 Responses to “Blue Cabinet”

  1. Kendall Says:

    I love it, just how you did it. Looks great! And very Pottery Barnish.

  2. Cindy Says:

    I love it as-is, too. What a great piece!

  3. It’s good the way it is. I’d suggest leaving it for a year, then if it’s still bugging you, deal with it. *grin*

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