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Power May 12, 2011

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Which do you want to hear first? The Good News or The Bad News?

Being the optimist that I am, I’ll give you The Good News.

The Good News:
We have electricity!

The Bad News:
We didn’t have electricity for nearly 24 hours due to the large storms that swept through the area yesterday afternoon, spilling a good inch of rain and blowing wind gusts up to 60mph. Which meant I was also on a very limited water supply since the pump for the water well is powered by electricity. No water means no dishwashing, no toilet, no laundry and no showers.

This is the first power outage since we moved to the ranch house and I wasn’t sure what priority level our little remote abode would fall into.

So I decided to prepare for the worst and began gathering buckets and bowls to collect the falling rain water. I also sent the boys outside, shower gel in hand, to wash in the rain.

And since we woke to no electricity or water, I’m glad I did.


One Response to “Power”

  1. Cindy Says:

    I’m sure that was quite the sight! We lost power for about 15 minutes…the only casualty was my batch of macaroons that I’d just put into the oven. I ate them anyway.

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