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Preparing for the Auction May 26, 2011

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When we decided to have a farm auction to sell the crop farming and dairy farming equipment that we no longer need for beef ranching, I didn’t take into consideration the amount of work that would be required of me.

For instance….

moving calf huts to the auction pasture in the heat of the day without a break. Yet another reason why my husband should have married a stouter partner.

But moving them once to sell them is not nearly as labor intensive as feeding the resident calves twice a day, every day.

Not only are we cleaning out inventory from the farm, but we’re also cleaning out estate items from ranch. It’s amazing how much stuff can be crammed inside a barn. We have 7. I found Avon bottles from 800 B.C.

I also found this quilt from around the same time period.


One Response to “Preparing for the Auction”

  1. Kim Says:

    Oh snap, and when is this auction?

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