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Spraying the Weeds June 6, 2011

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Today, my morning jog was a little faster paced than usual due to the distant rumble of an airplane. We typically don’t get many airplanes this way and when we do, they are usually here for a reason.

Spraying weeds.

I knew the plane would be coming one day soon, I just didn’t know exactly which day and I didn’t want to be out and about when it did.

So I picked up the pace and hightailed it back to the house where two of my children stood just outside looking directly up at the airplane overhead.

My middle child, at his usual morning spot on the pond bank, never put down his pole despite the persistent buzz of a low flying aircraft.

I used to love the abundance of blackberry plants on the ranch. Always plenty of fresh fruit during the hot summer months for a snack no matter where we were on the ranch. And while the massive blackberry clusters scattered throughout the ranch land is handy for berry lovers, it’s not so handy for cows.

Because cows don’t care much for blackberries…

or their thorns….

or the amount of grazing land they take up.

It was time to tame the berries. And the weeds

So instead of spending months on end spraying hundreds of acres of weeds and HUGE blackberry compounds… running the risk of bleeding to death amongst their sharp defensive thorns…

We decided to have them sprayed from the air in one morning.


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