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Fishing with a 4-year-old June 15, 2011

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Fishing has been a big part of our summer so far. And so far, we still haven’t tried every pond on the ranch. But out of the ponds we have fished, we’ve managed to catch something out of each one. Perch, bass, catfish and crappie.

Even my 4-year-old can catch them. He’s been fishing since before he could walk. He can cast his own line and reel in his own fish.

How does he do it?


and strong muscles.


One Response to “Fishing with a 4-year-old”

  1. Cindy Says:

    Piper, in case you didn’t already know this…I love you, and I love your kids. I truly do. This made my day! You’re a funny girl, you know that? Ian will have to show Wyatt how to fish when we come out…he asks me every day to take him fishing, and I’m no expert, so I think it is a good excuse to head out to the ranch!

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