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Puppy Pictures June 24, 2011

Filed under: Daisy — Piper Long @ 8:42 am

I still find it amazing how an animal knows exactly what to do with her young. They know how to clean them up, nurse them and protect them at any cost. It’s love at first sight. The kind of love that only a mother can truly understand. Selfless and unwavering.

Daisy is no exception.

That’s why it took me so long to get so much as a single snapshot of the little runts.

Puppy portraits are still completely out of the question.

Every time I pick up one of Daisy’s puppies, she gets within .0002 nanometers from my face and stares at me.

Like this.

I explain to her that I’m raising three children myself and that really… I know what I’m doing here, so it’s okay if she backs off a few feet.

She continues her blank stare and reminds me of the time my 6-year-old climbed up the grain bin while I wasn’t looking. And how when he reached the top of the forbidden destination, he was smiling down at me as I stood helplessly on the ground trying to remain calm as I calculated the force upon which the mass and acceleration of such a fall could produce.

I told her that only happened once and that it turns out he has a spiderman-like grip, likely a result of the double-jointed fingers that he inherited from my side of the family….
…and by the way, we think this one should be called Bullseye.


3 Responses to “Puppy Pictures”

  1. Cathy Says:

    Love this blog – great story!

  2. Cindy Says:

    No one tells stories quite like you. You should write a book. Love you!

    P.S. working the nursery tomorrow without you…it just won’t be the same.

  3. Yousister Says:


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