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Cleaning out the Hay Barn June 26, 2011

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A good hay barn is a must for most farming and ranching operations. Hay that is stored in a barn is easy to access, stays fresher longer and is a good source of comfort for the rancher.

We cut, rake and bale almost all of our own hay. When I say “we”, I mean my husband, of course. I used to help with the haying when we had our old equipment. But remember, I’ve never learned how to use the new equipment (wink, wink). I’ve been too busy taking care of all the household chores… which happen to be in a clean, climate-controlled environment.

Some of our hay is stored at the farm and some is stored at the ranch. Barns are plentiful at the farm. At the ranch… not so much.

But luckily, the parcel of property we recently bought at the ranch has a big pipe hay barn.

It just needs a little work.

Good thing we’ve got three tuff ranch hands to help us clean it up.

They rolled out old tires.

Dragged out old fallen tin.

Hauled out empty buckets.

And help us pile up a sizeable stack of cut branches and trees.

They even managed to break a sweat.

And uncover a few blackberry bushes with ripe, juicy fruit…

…no longer ranch hands…but berry pickers…

…and fishermen in search of bait.


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