Coyote Soup

Bringing life back to the family ranch with three young free range braves and lots of organic elbow grease.

Flat on Bachelor’s Flat June 28, 2011

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to live without my cellphone.

I would like to think I would be more attentive to the moment…
Less likely to get brain cancer…
Perhaps I would no longer perform periodically frantic searches for it when I find it’s not presently in my grasp or attached to my ear…
I could do whatever I wanted without answering to anyone as to my whereabouts.

Then I have days like today when it would be nice if someone knew my whereabouts.

Preferably someone who knows how to change a flat tire…. because today when I was on my way home from the store, groceries in tow, a rock viciously slashed my tire causing it to deflate right smack dab in the middle of nowhere. More exactly 4 hilly, windy unpaved miles from my home in one direction and 4 hilly, windy unpaved miles from the nearest neighbor in the opposite direction. The sun was of course situated at its peak. And my children had just devoured the last of my Mocha Carmel Frappe.

Can you guess how many times this has happened to me?

Not only was this my first flat, but this was my first flat on the vehicle I just recently purchased less than a month ago. Thankfully, my children were smart enough to find the secret passageway to the jack. Meanwhile, I was under the dusty car trying to detach the spare I’d never had to use.

By now the boys were devouring the groceries and I was really starting to get concerned. The spare was stuck. I was able to lower it a few inches, but I couldn’t get it to drop. The manual was no help, there was obviously something wrong with the release.

We grabbed a few things and started walking toward home. Shortly thereafter, we came upon a clearing to a nearby pasture. That’s when I noticed an oil truck pumping oil out of the pasture’s tank battery.


When we arrived at the tank battery, I knocked on the door to the diesel powered truck. Startled by the presence of a woman and three children with no vehicle in sight, the man immediately offered us cold water.

Do you have any Frappes?

“No, thank you…” I replied, “…do you uh… do you happen to have a cell phone I could borrow?”

Trying to contain my excitement to be reunited with modern technology, I then proceeded to carefully dial the number to the man who rescues me time after time.


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