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Rolling up Barbed Wire July 11, 2011

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This morning my husband asked me and the little braves to roll up the barbed wired from the old fence he had recently taken down.

Easy enough!

I’ve seen how fast my husband can remove an old fence, and being that it’s so steaming hot out, I am all for fast, easy jobs.

Just in case you aren’t familiar with rolling barbed wire, I searched through my archives to find an example of properly rolled barbed wire. I only found the tumbleweed method. Not sure if that is the proper term. But I’ve also seen them rolled up like in a big circle, like you would a rope or a water hose.

Here’s part of one of the many little barbed wire tumbleweeds that my husband has rolled up… I cropped it from an old picture. It was taken way back in the spring when it actually rained and the grass was green and barbed wire would cooperate when you tried to roll it.

Not a real good picture, but you get the idea.

And here’s mine from this morning’s fence row.

It may not be as nice and neat as he would have done… but it’s done.

At least this little bit is done.

We still have many, many more miles of old fence to take down.

I’m sure I’ll be an expert wire roller when it’s all said and done.


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