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a bird, a kitten and a fish hook July 14, 2011

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This morning I lifted my eyelids to find a blurry, bright red object inches from my face. It wasn’t until one of my children spoke that I knew what it was.

“MOM!!” He shouted, “look at this bird!!!”

“Hmmm…” I replied still groggy from my deep slumber.

“It hit your car! And I saved it!” He exclaimed.

Apparently this little red bird ran into my parked car this morning around 6 a.m. The precise time my middle child makes his way to the porch to prepare his fishing poles for his daily fishing excursion. Reportedly, the little red bird fell asleep while flying.

“Can it still fly?” I mumbled.

“I think so,” he replied.

It was at that moment that my 8-year-old came in from the porch with a kitten.

“Mom.” He said holding the kitten inches from my face.

“Hmmm?” I managed.

“Aren’t you gonna do something about this?” he asked.

“About what?” I asked, still unable to see clearly as I hadn’t installed my contacts for the day.

“This fish hook. It’s stuck in the kittens mouth.” He replied.

There are 4 lessons to be learned here:
1. Never leave a fish hook unattended. Whether it is in the water or not.
2. Never stay up until 1:00a.m. cleaning your house. Otherwise, you run the risk of sleeping late and being awakened by wild animals staring at your face.
3. Never marry a farmer or rancher who carries the early riser gene that will be passed to your offspring in which case you will never be allowed to sleep past dawn for the rest of your life.
4. Never fall asleep while flying


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