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Exhausted July 25, 2011

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Today would be the first day I’ve opened my laptop in at least a week.

Reason being….

I’ve been helping my husband with general cleanup and routine work on both the farm and ranch. We fixed fences, repaired corrals and worked cattle. The early mornings paired with the triple digit heat and uncooperative cattle is, well… exhausting.

Plus I got the sass kicked out of me by an 800# Angus steer somewhere along the way.

He got me right in the chest.

Angus can tend to be a bit unpredictable. And CA-RA-Z-Y.

One wild cow can make an entire day completely miserable.

As we were sorting the cows into pens to sell, to move, and to work and release, we were so relieved to catch one particularly crazy Angus/Brahman cow so we could sell her.

Then as we were moving our nice gentle, friendly, loving, cuddly Herefords, the crazy Angus/Brahman cow that we had penned up to sell jumped two fences, took control of our gentle, friendly, loving, cuddly Herefords and led them into the far pasture and proceeded to jump another barbed wire gate and continue running. Luckily the Herefords weren’t in any mood to jump barbed wire in the heat, so they let their leader go on her way. As did we.

All that was left for us to do was gather the Herefords back up and herd them into the correct pasture.

It only took a couple more hours…

In the heat.

But I am happy to report that most of the work that had to be done now, is done.

The cows have been moved to pastures with grass and water.

And the small amount of hay that we were fortunate enough to produce during this drought has been cut, raked, baled and hauled off the fields.


One Response to “Exhausted”

  1. cindy Says:

    Oh, how I have missed you my friend! I pray for a break in the heat for you and David!

    I love your “ca-ra-z-y” comment. Be careful…we don’t need you getting kicked anymore!

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