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Drought Resistant Flowering Annuals September 14, 2011

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When I first started learning about plants, at around age 18, I remember the greenhouse owner pointing out certain plants that were “drought tolerant.”

Like, why do I need like, drought tolerant plants or whatever? I thought.

I like, have a like, steady supply of, like rural water… and I like plan to give them water, like daily n-stuff.

I didn’t really talk like that at 18.

I was like totally mature… n-stuff.


So because I paid no attention to the wisdom of the greenhouse owner, I watered my plants. But I usually ended up watering every other day… and then every couple of days… and then maybe once a week. But still… in my 12 years of gardening at the farm, they always performed beautifully.

Then I recently moved to the desert.

I mean ranch.

And I had a not-so-steady supply of well water. The natural, steady rains ceased. And the word “drought” began popping up more and more. Most of my plants decided they simply were not going to “tolerate” it any longer.

The dogs, cats and chickens all thought it was absolutely wonderful and completely brilliant that I would have nothing but dirt in my flowerbeds.

Seriously, this is like, totally awesome to like, have soft dirt to like lay on n-stuff.

They were so agreeable, in fact, that they loathed in the dirt on a daily basis with their heads resting on each other’s hind end.

Not really, but close.

There were however, two varieties of flowering annuals that survived it all.

The prolific Vinca. Which flowers beautifully until frost, re-seeds and allows the offspring to appear the following year. I typically only buy a six-pack of the Vinca each spring, plant them where I expect the seeds to emerge, and let the new seedlings fill in around the existing plant.

And the other remaining plant in my flowerbed….

…came in a two-inch pot. I can’t remember the name. But it’s a keeper.


One Response to “Drought Resistant Flowering Annuals”

  1. Lovely flowers! Cute puppy! 😀

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