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Almost Fencing September 20, 2011

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As you well know, I’ve been having some issues with my chickens staying put in their pen. I suspect it has something to do with the fact that I’ve never actually gotten around to completing the chicken pen.

For the longest time, it was just too hot to stretch fence.

Then it was too rainy.

And well lately, with clear skies and high temps in the upper 70’s, I’ve decided it’s just too… pretty.

I had all but resolved to let my feathered friends run loose anyhow until recently when the rooster showed up and decided to take up residence on the porch. I had decided that having them run loose in the yard was quite beneficial. And it is. They keep the scorpion population under control….they fertilize the yard… they mingle well with the dogs… the cats… the kids… the cows….

…which brings me to the bigger fencing conundrum on the ranch.

Containing the horses and cows.

This too hasn’t been much of a problem….

…until the cows got thirsty and decided that the water in the dog/cat/chicken community water tub was much more refreshing than the nearby pond.

Which is why my husband has made a month-long committment to do nothing but clean out fence rows and ponds with the bulldozer.

Meaning I have now received the month-long assignment to deliver lunches.

For the past three days, this has involved me packing a wholesome lunch and refreshing drink up and down hills, over rocks and trees, through brush and briers and rattlesnake dens to the remote location of my husband and the dozer.

Of course the horses are aware of this arrangement. I’m not sure how they got word. Maybe the cows told them. Regardless, they have opted to stay far, far away from the house.

If only we had good fences to keep them close-by…


2 Responses to “Almost Fencing”

  1. Hahaha, animals! I love how they have their own minds! 🙂

    Do you really have a scorpion population in the yard? 😯

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