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Catpot September 22, 2011

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Remember V and Bobcat sleeping in the balcony flower containers at the farm?

I remember posting the pictures, but I’m not sure if I explained that at one point in time, I actually did have some young flowering plants nestled in the soil of those containers. I had visions of beautiful cascading waves of color draping over the balcony. But instead of flowers, I had cat tails. Little by little the cats’ insistent cuddling became a bit suffocating to the tender seedlings and the plants were forced to go to the big flowerpot in the sky.

And I was left with nothing but dirt and the occasional cattail.

Why these cats enjoy laying in flower containers is beyond me.

Apparently though, it is hereditary, because two of the male kittens belonging to either V or Bobcat, have taken up residence in the flowerpot next to my entryway door at the ranch.

They truly are much more lively than my plants ever were.

And occasionally they will interact mildly with an unsuspecting visitor.

Just don’t ever wake them to feed them scraps. They turn into vicious man-eating hogjacks.

I don’t think hogjack is a real word.

Vicious and man-eating are both real words.

In case you were wondering.

But sometimes, I get in these moods where I think maybe I need my porch to be decorated in a manner that represents the season. In winter, I have the hearty Christmas evergreen, but with the first signs of warmth, I go searching for bulbs. Once the bulbs are exhausted, I trade them out with Geraniums for summer. But come September, I’m mad for mums and scarecrows.

The kittens are not so mad for mums. And they don’t care so much for scarecrows either.


2 Responses to “Catpot”

  1. That’s so funny! Cats are interesting creatures, for sure. We have two farm kitties, one black female and one gray male (both fixed, don’t want kittens around), and the gray kitty makes this unusual growling sound whenever he eats and someone gets near. I don’t know what it is, but it’s definitely hogjacked 😉

  2. Zoey Says:

    They’re never going to go near them again when the hanging pot falls off the balcony!! They’re pretty cute though, I miss them.

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