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Makeover My Sideboard September 22, 2011

Filed under: Home and Garden,Remodel — Piper Long @ 1:31 pm

As you may recall, the ranch house we purchased last spring came fully furnished. Being that we had a limited amount of furniture to start with, I decided to hang on to most of it and replace things gradually. Partly because I am not good with interior decor, but mostly because I felt completely overwhelmed with the amount of items that I wanted to replace.

This sideboard is one of many items that I have yet to replace. Reason being, it is a very practical piece. It holds all of the kids’ schoolwork as well as other random office supplies.

I was hoping that maybe I could give it a facelift and make it work. The problem is, that I’m not sure which direction to take it. I’m trying to move toward the King Ranch/Southwest/Cowboy/Cowgirl/Western look without forking over my entire savings.

As for the mirror, I picked it up secondhand, but it originally came from Restoration Hardware. I love all things Restoration Hardware. Plus, it’s the only mirror in the house where I can stand back far enough and check my outfit for the day. Which is why it is hung a little low.

So, my designer friends, do you think this piece is worth salvaging? Or should I haul it out and purchase a new piece?


20 Responses to “Makeover My Sideboard”

  1. kim Says:

    Paint it turquoise then distress it.

  2. cindy Says:

    OH, I love that piece! You’re not going to find something new with the character of that woven texture! I’m with Kim: distressed turquoise…maybe leave the top stained a dark wood color…and put some really rustic iron hardware on it. You might consult Clydia at the church…she refinishes furniture and does an incredible job at it.
    P.S. Jill’s mirror looks great in your house!

  3. Donna Says:

    Don’t ever get rid of this….if you do I want it! Repurposing is the fade now-a-days and I love it, but will you regret painting over an antique 5 yrs from now. I’m not sure I wouldn’t leave it alone. Add some color and your peronality by the items you display on top.If you must do something to it, replace the door knobs with something in the style your aiming for.
    p.s. Loved the carpenter’s box ……paint that. Maybe red like your windows.

  4. kim Says:

    Oh Oh Oh! Or this one! I’m having fun refinishing your sideboard. Thanks!

    That link really has a pic by the way.

  5. Clydia Kay Says:

    Um Piper…I am totally in love with that sideboard. I think you’d better keep her! LOL Kim’s links are awesome idea’s!

  6. Andrea Reed Says:

    I love it. Keep it for sure. Kim has some great ideas. I also think it would be nice with a rich, deep, dark red color. There used to be a color called Algerian Red, really beautiful.

  7. kris payne Says:

    With that piece? Definitely refinish it if you’re not happy with the look. My 2¢? Leave it as is. It’s a little victorian for Oklahoma Ranch style, but it’s in such amazing condition it may just need to be cleaned. If you DO end up refinishing it, I suggest Klean Strip 3, some steel wool, a lot of chemical gloves some sand paper and a lot of patience.

  8. Nona Says:

    Change the hardware and leave it like it is… I always muttered about people under my breath that painted good wood. I always stripped everything back to the beautiful woodgrain. Put some spurs handles on it and wrap a rope around the mirror.

  9. Hm, I think I would really leave it how it is. I can’t imagine this would be improved by painting it. And then either keep it or get something new in a different style.

    I like the idea to replace the knobs in one of the comments above. I’ve seen white porcellain shops with blue floral paintings at a shop a while ago, and somehow I can imagine those would look good on it because they would add a little freshness to the piece. 🙂

  10. sonsothunder Says:

    Personally, I like it the way she sits. The picture Kim shows looks good that way, but, this is just too big for that color, and too nice. If anything, I would, (depending on if it is rougher than the picture is showing) maybe take it back to a natural, lighter,Buckskin look, with no sheen, or at least, a satin finish at most. Just how I see it from here. If it’s actually in as good of shape as the picture shows, I don’t know that I would touch it though.
    God Bless You

  11. Skuba Says:

    I love your side board and mirror. I personally wouldn’t touch the mirror but your right about that sideboard just to much brown. Could you bring that nail head trim down to the sideboard somehow? I’m not a big fan of the doors you might beable to get some new door fronts which might depend on what else you want to do with the peice. I’m not a big fan of that dimond pattern, my first thought was to get some of that vinyl that looks like stamped leather and cover up the carving and then put nail head trim around that to hold it all on. But that solution doesn’t help much with the brown factor.

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