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Heavy Duty Stuff September 30, 2011

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Something about seeing the love of my life at this angle in this piece of machinery makes my heart jump clear out of my chest and into my throat.

I’m not sure what it is with men and machinery. This past week we had all of 5 pieces of heavy machinery at work clearing brush and ponds at any given moment. The men were loving it… the boys were loving it…

…and yet I was on pins and needles.

If the men weren’t operating the machines, they were standing around, watching the horsepower in action. Discussing the load each piece of equipment could withstand as the landscape was being reconstructed… all the while planning, visualizing and admiring their accomplishments. To say they were content with their duties for the week is an understatement. They were like fleas in a dog house.

The boys, of course, were in awe.

They were nearly speechless, understandably amazed and completely ecstatic at the unanticipated, massive size of the dirt mounds currently at their disposal.

The dirt was definitely abundant.

The earth was being pushed and sculpted as ponds were being stretched. Trees were falling every which way and sometimes vanishing before our eyes as fence rows were cleared. I lost count of how many times I counted my kids before resolving to hog tie them and transport them to the house.

I didn’t really hog tie them.

I bribed them.

For the first time in my life, I found comfort in Spongebobs’ voice on the TV while I prepared an angel food cake. That is until the power went out on my 1970’s mixer. At first I thought the mixer had finally bit the dust and I had an excuse to buy a new one. But then the kids filed into the kitchen complaining that the flat screen was no longer working. Once I realized there was no power to the remainder of the house, I feared one of the equipment operator’s had a collision with an electric line. I immediately dialed my husband to check his pulse. He directed me to take a Xanax, check the breaker and call the electric department.

They informed me that one of the lineman had accidentally clipped the line with his machinery, but that we should be back in business in no time.

Luckily the boys were content with a reading on prairie dogs….

… until it was time to deliver the next meal.

(Just for the record… I don’t take Xanax. But my nerves may need to consider it in the future.)


2 Responses to “Heavy Duty Stuff”

  1. Wow, that’s some major construction you have going on. I loved this line: “I immediately dialed my husband to check his pulse.” I’ve felt the same thing so many times! And it’s always worth the phone call to check. For me, anyway. 🙂

    Love of trucks and all things trucky begins at an early age. Some of my son’s first words were “gear, truck, car, motor, carburator,” I’m not kidding.

    I can’t tell how old your boys are, but my son (who’s 4) has loved the, “If I Were a Digger” DVD for a couple of years now. It’s all about different types of construction trucks, and has some nice music. And it’s shots of real trucks, in the real world, which is nice. And honestly, it’s where I learned the difference, myself, between a front loader and a bulldozer and all sorts of things a mom of a truck-lover just had to know!

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