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Tuesday Thoughts October 11, 2011

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1. The fish are biting.

Which means I’ve been cooking it.

A lot.

I made this batch with a saltine cracker breading… just like my grandparents used to make it.

It makes me feel young again.

Only, instead of me or my grandfather catching the fish, my children are catching them.

Which makes me feel old again.

2. I’m still delivering lunch to my husband.

Who is still on the dozer.

When will it end?

3. While I’m packing lunch, my 6-year-old-soon-to-be-7-year-old is packing a BB gun.

Which means I may end up frying something other than fish in the near future.


6 Responses to “Tuesday Thoughts”

  1. A BB gun? Have you said to him, “You’ll shoot your eye out?” (It’s from the movie A Christmas Story. A treasure at our house.)

    Wow, you are a brave mom. My oldest is 4, and I wonder what he’ll think of guns in a couple more years. Of course, we’d have to drive somewhere, as we’re in a pretty dense neighborhood!

    Do you have the recipe for the Saltine-battered fish? It looks delicious.

  2. kim Says:

    If you ever have too much fish I’d take it off your hands!

  3. You all are lucky to have a fishing hole nearby!

    You know, when you grow up in the country, or raise kids in the country, having a BB gun is just a part of life. Heck, I was a little girlie girlie, and I couldn’t wait to get my first one!

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