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Rocks October 12, 2011

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There are a lot of rocks on the Long Ranch. So many rocks that I could build a small city out here.

On a recent trip to Nebraska to pick up our entryway door, we drove past a rock wall that was constructed some time ago, by hand. It was absolutely beautiful.

That’s when I started thinking that I should really utilize the abundant stock of stone I have scattered about the ranch.

I decided to start with my flowerbed.

Unfortunately, that’s also where my efforts ended.

For many reasons.
1. The rocks were heavy.
2. I didn’t have enough children to help me.
3. I’m not real good at manual labor.
4. On any level.
5. According to my calculations, it would take me 23 lifetimes to construct anything more than an outhouse given my strength and intelligence.
6. I could be off by a year or two.

If I ever move rocks again…

…it will involve much more horse power.


8 Responses to “Rocks”

  1. thedairymaid Says:

    Oh man, I’m no good at manual labor, either! If I need any of that stuff done, I have to rely on my husband and I’ve got so many projects the poor guy’s completely overworked. I just can’t quit coming up with things I want to do! And I love your front door. How cool!

  2. Love your porch area! The door and iron railing look great.

  3. bling101 Says:

    My best friend lives just outside of Avant on Javine. She tells me for every rock she picks up 2 more grow!!!!! I think of this every time I see a rocky area 🙂

  4. I love those pictures so much, and completely identify with your story. -kate

  5. We have something called “sea of rocks” around here. It’s a slope covered with rocks. Very beautiful and cool! (Of course I had to climb it. ;))

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