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The Longhorn October 14, 2011

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We have one longhorn on the ranch and she happens to be one of the only ones I can consistently identify. We’ve had her for quite some time now and she has won our hearts. Because of this, she has also been given eternal immunity in any and all eliminations.

Speaking of immunity, I’m not sure she has ever been immunized.

In fact, she rarely comes near the corral.

And she has taught her offspring to do the same. That’s her daughter and nursing granddaughter there on the right.

The Hereford-looking cow off to herself is one of her granddaughters.

But her Hereford-looks are just that. Looks. I don’t think there are any Herefords in her family tree. And who would guess her grandmother was a longhorn?

What I find so interesting is that they usually stay together. I will see them in pastures off to themselves having lunch together. They go to water together. They chew cud together. And they sit back and watch as we herd the rest of the herd into the corral… together.

I love a close-knit family.


9 Responses to “The Longhorn”

  1. thedairymaid Says:

    I think longhorns are so cool! It’s funny that you say they stay together. Our Jersey’s only fraternize with their own clique, too. Our crosses are the social outcasts.

  2. Lindsey Says:

    Herefords are my all time favorite! They are so sweet and easy going! Oh I miss being able to have cattle! Ugh! This must change soon!

  3. I’ve never seen a longhorn with my own eyes. So pretty!

  4. Very cool how they stick together! My gosh your cattle look beautiful, fat, and sassy, compared to the cattle in our area. Most people here have had to sell and ship, due to…no rain=no grass=no hay=no cattle=etc…..

  5. Pany Says:

    They’re lovely animals :).

  6. That is one fierce looking beast! Beautiful – fierce. I understand why you aren’t throwing off the island – uh ranch!

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