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No Vacancy October 18, 2011

Filed under: Musings — Piper Long @ 7:23 am

So I called the hotel to re-book our reservations that we cancelled and was informed that there is no vacancy at any point during our newly scheduled vacation time. Which means we may be camping during our vacation time.

In a tent.

Or our new stock trailer, which is the reason behind the business side of our vacation.

I recently told my husband that I think I would be better at glamping than camping. For those of you who haven’t heard of glamping, it is simply glamorous camping. Rather than being housed in flimsy portable plastic tents, glampers are housed in upscale canvas tents and tepees. Complete with a shower, hard wood flooring and a soft bed. Some locations even boast a buffet of gourmet food prepared to your specifications.

I’m sold.

Problem is, there is no glamping spot to reserve near our destination. Nor is there any cell phone service.

Or internet.

Which means you may not be hearing from me during our vacation time.

I think my husband finds it both amusing and entertaining to take me to drastically remote vacation spots so I will feel fortunate to live in the slightly remote location of our ranch.


One Response to “No Vacancy”

  1. Having no internet or any other media can be such a great relief. I’m always so much more productive when my internet is down. 😀 (Okay, this isn’t appropriate for a vacation, but I think relaxing may be more efficient as well. ;))

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