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Enforcing the Ban October 20, 2011

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Just when I thought fishing had taken over my entire life and my kitchen would smell of fried fish, cornbread and slaw for all eternity, they (someone) started letting water out of the lake causing the creek (aka fishing hole) to flow ever so swiftly, thereby forcing me as the ever-so-cautious parent that I am to enforce a ban on fishing until creek levels and flow are reduced considerably.

It wasn’t easy.

But the popcorn balls helped.

…at least it gummed up their mouth enough that the protests were minimal while I demonstrated how to create some spooky little tissue ghosts I found at that would be perfect to solve yet another problem around here.

Kittens in my planters.

Because the scarecrows we stuck in the pot outside our door have been unsuccessful at deterring the kitten from napping in the mums, we decided to beef up our scare tactic and add the ghastly ghosts to the mix.

Please let me know if you or someone you know is in need of a fearless feline.



One Response to “Enforcing the Ban”

  1. thedairymaid Says:

    The cat is like, “Um, those are kinda in my way…” ha!

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