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I survived the desert October 27, 2011

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I’m sure some of you have noticed my absence lately and I figure exactly three of y’all have actually missed me and wondered where I have been, when I would get back and why I failed to inform you that I would not be reporting my whereabouts.

First of all, as with many things around here, I had absolutely no control over this matter. I knew that I would be leaving on a business/leisure trip into the southern crevices of Texas, I knew not when or to what extent until the morning my husband woke me at precisely 7:16 a.m. and told me to pack everyone’s things and load up.

By 8:19 a.m., we were on the road to desolate places that until this weekend, I never knew existed in the state of Texas.

When I say desolate, I mean… desolate.

Where was everybody?

Do you realize how much vacant land is in Texas?

Who owns all that land?

And how do said landowners survive on that land?

And get ice cream from the store?

This picture here…

It’s Texas too.

Why didn’t anyone tell me there are mountains in Texas?

And cactus?

Have you seen the cactus in Texas?

It’s massive!

Speaking of massive… the canyons along the Red River are amazing. As are the echoes.

I wouldn’t have seen the depth of beauty within Big Bend National Park were it not for the incredible hiking trails.

Along our first trail, we were so preoccupied with the vast landscape that we didn’t even notice the lone javelina rooting around on the trail until we were “eye-to-eye” with it. At least, that’s how my 6-year-old tells the story. He’s not one to let a little exaggeration stand in the way of a good story.

I tried to snap a picture of the wild hog, but missed it only because at the exact moment I heard “HOG!” I had my lens focused on the perplexity of the natural well, holding water, in this rock. I only wish my lens could have captured the depth of it.

But the highlight of my entire trip, had to be seeing this bear on our way out of the park during our last evening at Big Bend.

Why didn’t anyone tell me there were bears in Big Bend?


4 Responses to “I survived the desert”

  1. I love the natural well. It looks like you had a wonderful adventure!

  2. Looks like it was a fun trip! Schwans is great for ice cream and our grocery store stocks our cold bags with dry ice for the drive home.

  3. These pictures are incredible. I have read about Texas, and visited my in-laws in Texas, but I had no idea that there were parts of it that looked like that. -kate

  4. When I was with my parents in the western part of the US 15 years ago, we drove through desert for almost a week straight … (I still have a cactus from there that happily grows on my windowsill. :))

    The beauty of nature is amazing. Thank you for sharing those pictures!

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