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A Monday List October 31, 2011

Filed under: Musings — Piper Long @ 7:55 am

Over the weekend…

1. I attended, cheered and photographed two out of three soccer games.

2. I provided snacks for two out of three soccer games.

3. I threw my 6-year-old’s 7th birthday party.

4. It involved cake balls.

5. And a pinata.

6. With candy.

7. The good news is, he’s still 6.

8. The sad news is, he will be turning 7 real soon.

9. This list isn’t making any sense.

10. I wonder if this will be an ongoing pattern for the day?

11. Maybe you should send a substitute teacher for the kids just in case.

12. Where was I going with this?

13. Oh, yes. The weekend.

14. I realized, over the weekend, while helping my husband move cattle, feed cattle, hay cattle and fix fence to contain cattle that Monday (that’s today), is Halloween.

15. Which means I won’t be able to order that astronaut costume I’d told my four-year-old I would order in time for Halloween.

16. Fortunately, my four-year-old believed me when I told him everybody loves a cute cowboy.

17. And that he would probably get more candy.

18. Happy Halloween!


2 Responses to “A Monday List”

  1. I found your blog through the Pioneer Woman. Love your rambling musings. Hope you and your family had a lovely Halloween.

  2. Oh, I love it! When my little great-nephew was living with us, he was a cowboy for Hallween…2 years in a row! For pretty much the same reason…one day it was several weeks until Halloween, then I woke up and it was Halloween…I hate it when that happens.

    p.s. CUTE COWBOY!!

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