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Thumb Wrestling November 2, 2011

Filed under: Musings — Piper Long @ 7:50 am

My middle child received a thumb wrestling game as a gift from one of his buddies over the weekend. I didn’t even know thumb wrestling boards existed.

Apparently they do.

I suppose I’d never really realized the need for one, but now that we have one, I can see where it might even-up the playing field a bit and make the wrestling fair for all thumbs involved.

So far, it’s working out pretty good. I haven’t heard anyone cry “cheater”.

Although sometimes, in our house, the thumb wrestling evolves into a full on wrestling match. The kind of full on wrestling match that has to be taken outside.

I’m not sure what type of lead-in strategy the one in the PJs is utilizing. But I think it’s some sort of freaky sumo/taekwondo/karate kid/jujitsu/transformer/greco-roman style. He starts by showing his opponent his transformers clad behind. Perhaps this is some sort of shock tactic, meant to throw the opponent off right away.

Then he hikes up his pajama bottoms, TRANSFORMING his normally perfect fitting PJs into high-waters.

Next comes the rocking from side to side.

And then… THE ATTACK! By this time, his opponent is in mid-chuckle. A perfect time to advance.

I’m not entirely sure where he learned this style.

Nor am I entirely certain how he learned this style.

But it seems to be working for him.


5 Responses to “Thumb Wrestling”

  1. haha! Looks like you have a couple future wrestlers there? My husband and I need that thumb-wrestling board. It gets a little intense when the win is the deciding factor on who has to let the dogs out before bed. Also, could use a rock, paper, scissors board of some kind.

    Fun post 🙂

  2. I don’t know anything about thumb-wrestling boards but I love that you allow your kids outside in their jammies. Me, too!

  3. Very funny!! Never heard of a thumb wrestling board – we need one of those in the semi – bad.
    Your kids are beyond cute, all wrestler like, love that they’re outside, in pj’s, being “boys” 🙂

  4. Kim Says:

    I’m not sure why, and I may be way off, but he reminds me of your little brother in this post.

  5. Hahaha, the opening movement of that dance really looks like a sumo dance! 😀

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