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My First Oklahoma Earthquakes November 7, 2011

Filed under: Musings — Piper Long @ 1:29 pm

Friday night, Saturday morning to be exact, I experienced my first earthquake. And it just so happened to be in Oklahoma. I’ve grown up being completely terrified of tornadoes, but I have always thought they were the least frightening of the natural disasters. At least I had some idea when they could form and I could take cover in a shelter at my home. It is something that is familiar to me and I’ve learned how to deal with it.

Earthquakes though, are completely new to me.

Saturday’s early morning earthquake took me completely by surprise. I was sound asleep when it began shaking my entire house. Being that my husband was out-of-town, I flew out of bed and instinctively ran to my boys’ rooms, still not understanding what was going on. My house was built back when things were built to last. It is encased in 8 inch thick native stone. I feel safe here. So you can understand the fear I felt with its’ quiver.

By the time I got to my children’s rooms, the shaking had stopped. At first, I dismissed this as one of my crazy dreams. But the racing of my heart and the certainty of my mind told me otherwise. I’d heard of earthquakes in Oklahoma before, but I’d never felt one first hand.

So at 2:15 a.m., mere minutes after the shaking woke me from my slumber, I decided to check Facebook to see if anyone else felt it. But I found no other reports. Afraid people would think I had gone nuts due to the isolation of the ranch, I opted to disconnect and face the fact that my dreams had taken on a whole new level.

Unable to fall back asleep, I decided to check one more time.

This time there was post after post about the earth’s shaking.

And then the news reports came in.

And I rejoiced in my sanity.

But while many of my friends felt the earthquake, none of my family felt it or believed that I felt anything significant. That is until Saturday night’s earthquake. I was awake for this one and it didn’t rattle me nearly as much as the first. So when my family’s calls came in with a panic, I was there to say, “Ya, See! I told you I wasn’t messin around!”


3 Responses to “My First Oklahoma Earthquakes”

  1. We had traveled to Oklahoma on Fri. but apparently we were to tired from the the trip to feel a thing! We stayed in Norman with in-laws, and it definitely woke them up. As for the one on Saturday, we were at the OSU game in Stillwater, and again…didn’t feel a thing! Too much excitement in the stadium 🙂

    We recently had one here in Colorado and it was quite scary! Like you, we are a little more prepared for tornado weather…but not earthquakes!

  2. There was an earthquake in Virginia that was felt in several states, including NC, back in August. I’m glad you have such a sturdy house. At least you know it’s built to last! Did your children feel it too?

  3. Love the line:”I rejoiced in my sanity!” So true! I experienced an earthquake for the first time about 18 months ago. It roared, just like the movies and was rather surreal except for the certainty of my racing heart and thoughts, as you mention.

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