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Note to Self November 28, 2011

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Note to self:

1. Never eat your fill of Thanksgiving dinner if you plan to shovel the cow’s Thanksgiving dinner into buckets following the meal. It’s not nearly as settling as lounging on the couch for the remainder of the evening.

2. Never buy three different stockings for three different children who live in the same house.

3. Next time Christmas trees are on sale, do not consult your husband before purchasing one. That big box in the shop does not contain a Christmas tree.

4. If you find you have movie channels for the weekend, walk away. It’s probably not healthy to be in front of the TV long enough to watch Gone With the Wind, Star Wars, and the entire Lord of the Rings Trilogy in the same day.

5. Unless you are making up for your lack of laziness on Thanksgiving Day and wanting to put your new couch to good use.

6. Then, it’s totally acceptable.

7. Unless you DVR’d five other movies to watch later.

8. Then we are getting into obsession territory.

9. Which is only cute if you’re the crazy Target lady.


4 Responses to “Note to Self”

  1. Ha! Sounds so familiar-especially #3!!

  2. That crazy Target lady is so creepy! But for some reason, she really draws me in. 🙂

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