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How long has it been? September 9, 2012

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It’s been so long since my last blog post, I almost feel like I need to reintroduce myself!

Hi. My name is Piper.

I live on a ranch.

I have a husband and three boys.

If it weren’t for the hundreds of female cows living on the ranch, I’d be of the minority gender.

I have survived one full year of homeschooling.

I’m still recovering.

The quite, peaceful, serene days when my kids are in public school help me heal.

They’ve since begged to be homeschooled once again.

To which I laugh hysterically.

They plea their case of inadequate fishing time and lack of time to dirty the house enough for me to clean.

I hand them the homework papers the teacher sent home and remind them that it was their decision to return to public school.

The two oldest boys are playing football.

One is the quarterback, which happens to be the only position I know anything about, but I’m learning.

My youngest is playing soccer.

Which I love because I never hear of soccer players breaking their necks and getting Alzheimer’s and ALS.

In my free time, I sit and try to remember what I did in my free time back when I had free time which I think was back in the 1800’s.

My husband, Drover, usually happens in on these moments of deep thought and instead of seeing a woman in deep thought, sees an available ranch hand.

Then I find myself in a field with cows, fixing fence.

I’m currently reading the latest Captain Underpants book with my 9-year-old.

Who, along with his brothers, is with my husband, checking cows in Kansas.

Which is how I came to remember that once upon a time, I had a blog.

Pleased to make your acquaintance…again!


10 Responses to “How long has it been?”

  1. Ha Ha Ha, I was just thinking not too long ago, “Whatever happened to Piper?!” Figured maybe you got roped into something. 😉 Welcome back. You’ve been missed.

  2. Pattie Park Says:

    Piper, so glad to see you back. We’ve missed hearing about you all and what the boys are doing.

  3. Cathy Coody Says:

    She’s baacckkkk ! So glad – have missed you terribly 😉

  4. Jen Says:

    I found your blog awhile back, looking forward to your posts!

  5. bling101 Says:

    Glad to meet you……. again 😉

  6. I’m so glad you are back! Your absence dovetailed with my own pregnancy induced inability to write, think, or do anything but stagger through life… but now the baby is in a basket and not in me and I am so excited to be able to read, and think, and write, and glad you are out there. -kate

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