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Bringing life back to the family ranch with three young free range braves and lots of organic elbow grease.

Five September 17, 2012

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Yesterday, my big brother came out to shoot some skeet with my 3 little braves. My braves love when their uncle comes over to hang out with them because he always has the latest and greatest hunting supplies and electronics and he’s always decked out in the most stylish hunting attire.

The same cannot be said for my children.

For instance, yesterday, I sent my 5-year-old out to shoot skeet in camo long johns layered under a pair of camo cargo shorts, a camo polo and a set of worn out cowboy boots. Not exactly top of the line apparel, but a major improvement over what he was wearing the last time we had a knock at our door at which time he was clothed in nothing but his birthday suit when he went streaking by the couch where my husband and I were sitting in order to greet our unsuspecting guests. Fortunately, when my husband pointed out his shortcomings by saying, “Don’t answer the door naked! Put something on!” he turned back and grabbed a navy blue baseball helmet and slapped it on his head before throwing the front door wide open to welcome our guests.

I love having a 5-year-old in the house.

But he’s growing up much too quick.

He’s already learned the difference between the good cough drops and the bad cough drops as he pointed out just this past week when he stormed into the living room clutching a bag of Halls cough drops, clearly annoyed.

“Where are the good cough drops?” he demanded, insinuating that Luden’s cherry cough drops were far superior to Halls.

“Why do you need a cough drop?” I countered.

“Because…” he answered, exasperated with my ignorance on the subject… “I’ve got the hiccups.”

As if self medication by 5 isn’t enough to make a mom realize her baby’s growing up, he’s also learned the chorus to the 1977 disco song Stayin’ Alive along with John Travolta’s signature dance moves from the Saturday Night Fever movie.

I don’t know who taught him this.

I just really hope he waits a little longer to sing the other parts of the song.

Well, you can tell by the way I use my walk / I’m a woman’s man: no time to talk /

For now, I’m good with leaving it at the chorus

Ah, ha, ha, ha, stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive


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